In the Kitchen

All In The Family

Barrington Butchery’s Mike McKeever explains how this profession is “in his blood”


Growing up working in his family’s market in Warwick, co-owner of Barrington Butchery Mike McKeever knew that he wanted to carry on the family business. The art of butchering is a skill that has been passed down in Mike’s family from his grandfather to his father, and from his father to him. That’s why when he opened the butchery in the East Bay in 2018, it was important to preserve the family feel – from the butchering techniques to the customer service. “The focus is on our customers, and we make sure they get what they want,” says Mike. “I want the best for my family, and your family, too.”

After his parents sold the family market, Mike went to work for a retail meat-cutting chain, but he always knew that he wanted to own his own business. Over Christmas dinner a few years ago, Mike and his father-in-law Larry Russolino noticed that Persimmon Provisions had just closed in Barrington. At the time, Larry had also recently retired and was looking for a new challenge. “The timing,” says Mike, “was perfect.” In April, the two opened the family-run meat shop.

“We realized that Barrington was an ideal spot, a family-oriented community with people who are passionate and knowledgeable about good food.”

The brother-in-law/father-in-law team’s knowledge encompasses the range of information to run a butchery. Mike knows about the different cuts of meat and how to get the most out of each animal, and Larry is the recipes guy. The former trained chef loves talking about food, preparing food, and eating food. In fact, Mike encourages his customers to speak with Larry if they are unsure how to best prepare the meat they purchase. All of this knowledge is what the duo says bolsters impeccable customer service, separating the Barrington Butchery experience from your depersonalized, lackluster interaction at the butcher counter of your corporate chain grocer.

The owners also try to meet each and every one of their customer’s requests. “We are unique in that we try to satisfy any and all requests from our customers. If you want a specific mixture of burger, pounded chicken breasts, diced meats for your kebabs, on-the-spot marinated items, unusual items like venison, wild boar, rabbit, bison, calves liver, whole pigs, or quail, we can get it for you.”

The meat purveyor makes sure that all of the products that he stocks are properly fed and ethically raised. The Barrington Butchery sells beef from Black Angus cattle, pork from pasture-raised pigs from a small farm in Vermont, and lamb from a free-range environment Australia.

It’s clear that Mike and Larry take pride in their work, and, Mike says, the customers can probably attest to their service. The only thing that Mike regrets is that his father isn’t here to witness his success. “My dad died unexpectedly a few years ago, so I wish he could have seen what I accomplished.”

Barrington Butchery
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