Whole Body

Restoring Wellness, One Piece at a Time

Tiverton’s Mosaic Wellness Boutique offers massage, dry brushing, hot stones, and more


Walking into Mosaic Wellness Boutique is like walking out of the real world and into an unexpected paradise: bright white walls and marble tile are a crisp backdrop to the layered, globally inspired decor featuring patterned pillows, bamboo shades, painted canvases, clusters of candles, and strategically hung fairy lights. “Health & Home” is written in the entry, succinctly summarizing Mosaic’s philosophy, which centers on natural wellness and healing – mainly by the hands of its owner, Meagan Mahoney. The name, she explained, came from her travels in Spain just before pursuing a license in massage therapy. She described the mosaics she saw as “putting broken things back together”, much like the practice of massage, she says.

On a blustery winter day, I came in for two services I had never tried: dry brushing and hot stones. Mahoney led me through a candle-and-stone-lined hallway and into the massage room outfitted simply but cozily – the door was labeled, since Mosaic also offers Thai massage. If you’ve ever had a massage, you know the drill: Strip down, climb in, get comfy. I did so, relishing in the heated table and weighted drape. The quiet sound of waves came from a speaker somewhere.

The first thing Mahoney did was rub lavender and basil essential oils into her palms and ask me to take a few deep breaths. The aroma awakened my senses before she started with the dry brushing. The process starts with a rubdown in exfoliating gloves, followed by a vigorous – well – brushing with a bristle brush. This treatment stimulates the lymphatic system, smooths skin, improves skin tone, and reduces cellulite. It’s also great for wintertime, Mahoney added. It may sound painful, and I’ll admit it did take a moment to get used to the sensation of the firm bristles scratching across my skin, but after the most intense exfoliation of my life, the lotioned massage felt blessedly soothing. As did the hot stones, which were toasty warm and worked out the tight knots between by shoulder blades. An hour-and-a-half later, when Mahoney left me to slowly rise and get dressed, I was a renewed version of myself – with verifiably softer skin and less tense muscles.

Mosaic has only been open at its current location since summer of 2017, but in that time, it’s grown: the sauna was recently installed, with help from Mahoney’s father, and in November she started making her own salves and lotions, and spa showers are also in the works for 2019. Whether you need muscle relief from the 9-to-5 desk job, or to indulge in some mind, body, and soul pampering, Mosaic will restore your physical and mental health – one piece at a time.

Mosaic Wellness Boutique