Rhody Gem: September 2019

Audubon Nature Center & Aquarium – The Bay Magazine


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What it is:

A nature center and aquarium.

Where to find it:

Drive along 114 and see the sign for the Audubon Society of Rhode Island Nature Center and Aquarium.

What makes it a Rhody Gem?

This Audubon location is a natural history museum that just happens to house the state’s largest indoor aquarium. That being said, it’s small size makes it just-right for a quiet afternoon of wandering indoors and learning about local wildlife found in Rhode Island. There are interactive exhibits, a tide pool filled with creatures, and a life-sized model of a North Atlantic Right Whale. There’s even a Nature Shop filled with gifts, toys, and field guides.

Audubon Nature Center and Aquarium
At the Claire D. McIntosh Wildlife Refuge
1401 Hope Street, Bristol