Two Westport Authors Release New Work

Read a witty how-to guide about the elderly or bury your nose in some Fall River history


Two local Westport authors have recently written books that may be of interest to Bay readers. Pamela Carey has produced a useful book entitled Elderly Parents With All Their Marbles: A Survival Guide for the Kids. The book offers some 49 “rules” on how to deal with aging seniors. Her tone is witty but thoughtful and some of the examples she has accumulated, many from her own experience, are often quite humorous. The book then concludes with a useful section of practical hands-on resource information. The result is a slim “how to” book that somehow manages to combine the poignant, the practical and the priceless. The public will get a chance to meet the author and learn more about her experiences at a get together, open to the public, at the Acoaxet Club in Westport on Sunday, August 10 at 7pm.

A second Westporter has published a book called Cream of the Crop that should be of particular appeal to anyone with an interest in Fall River. The author, John B. Cummings, profiles many of the city’s most interesting and successful residents, some of who stayed in the area, others who moved on to leave their mark elsewhere. John had previously written The Last Fling: Hurricane Carol in 1954, which documents the devastation the storm produced in the Westport area based on historical records and personal recollections.